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"Loz Dos Studios’ mission is to produce and promote high quality content that highlights underrepresented groups, with a focus on Latinx in television and film."

Loz Dos is a production company that is seeking to create content that better reflects the country we live in.  Loz Dos Studios was founded and launched by Founder and CEO Dennis J Polar in August 2020 as a platform to create, develop and produce globally licensed, and diverse portfolio of scripted and unscripted feature films and television content that showcases underrepresented groups with a focus on Latinx.  Creating a studio which values, rewards, and provides creators / film-makers the opportunity for substantial returns to investors. An artist friendly studio in the marketplace for developing consistent consumer-driven feature films and television content with an international consumer base.

Loz Doz Studios is an independent production company that produces and executive produces high-quality, innovative, original films and television content at conservative budgets, maximizing the possibility of creative and commercial success.  We have a domestic and international advantage because of the team’s comprehensive strategy, accessibility, industry relationships, trustworthiness, and a team philosophy. Leverage strategic business relationships that support partnerships for Co-Production and Co-Financing content.  Our partners of industry experts along with the clear understanding of the diverse landscape, has Loz Dos covered in every and all stages.

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