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An Open Letter:

Diversity and inclusion have been such buzzwords as of late. You hear it tossed around in corporate settings all the time, and if you've worked at a Fortune 500 company, you know it's a topic that everyone wants to prioritize.

But why? 

The reason is, things are changing like they always do. In the 1980s, latinos made up about 6% of the population in America. today, it's almost 19%. And the amount of content being created for this audience is stuck four decades back. There just isn't enough media for the amount of people clamoring for it. It's simple supply and demand, and the demand is outstripping the supply. Here are some of my favorite ways this plays out in real life: 

  • The top concert performer of the year is Bad Bunny, whose concerts are entirely in Spanish. halfway through the year, he's already made $120 mil in ticket sales which is almost double Genesis, who is in second place. 

  • Coco and Encanto from Disney are two of the biggest movies in recent memory. The total merchandise sales from Encanto specifically, were so impressive that the movie was able to topple Frozen which was the previous king of the hill. 

  • Not to be outdone, but an abuelita creating traditional recipes on Youtube is one of the top cooking channels. With the help of her family, she's shooting all her content on a cell phone, and she has two thirds of the subscribers as Bon Appétit (4 Mil and 6 Mil respectively.) 

These are anecdotes, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. At some point in the next twenty years or so, the US is going to become majority-minority. We don't even have the amount of supply from a creative standpoint to support the current demand. In twenty years, we can't afford to still be looking at the world like it's still the 1980s; the entertainment industry is going to be left behind. 

Loz Dos' mission is simple and clear; we are trying to give a voice to the voiceless. We want to lift up artists and content creators who would otherwise not be heard, not only because it's good for business, but because it's the right thing to do. If you're interested in making a difference as well, we want to work with you.

- Josh Souter, COO

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